I am Worthy

I am worthy

I am worthy of healing

- I am worthy of 8-10 hours of sleep every night, worthy of an analog alarm clock and not using my phone 2 hrs before bed/right when I wake up.

- I am worthy of spending 6 hours working on a recording alone in my bedroom every Monday, and worthy of grace when I find I need to re-record parts later.

- I am worthy of waking up 2 hours before work to meditate, chant, practice yoga, adorn thy goddess with non toxic products, and tell myself I am beautiful and worthy in the mirror.

- I am worthy of being fed a healthy organic, non GMO, plant based diet of fruits and vegetables, supplements, tea, beans and nuts, and non flouridated, non contaminated, non BPA water.

- I am worthy of feeling clear headed and staying sober, overcoming addictions of substances, co-dependency, and overthinking / worrying thoughts.

- I am worthy
of overcoming depression, anxiety, CPTSD, and Lyme Disease.

- I am worthy of listening to beautiful music on my drive to work or bicycle ride, centered around love, growth, awareness, and beautiful vibrations.

- I am worthy of taking the time to write down my story, capture a thought, listen for a melody in silence, allowing it to rhyme in prose, harmonize in space, wrapping thought or word in the love of music, and capturing its essence to share with others.

- I am worthy of being supported for my music in unconventional ways.

- I am worthy of being heard and seen.

- I am worthy of a walk-break and fresh air during work days.

- I am worthy of inner child work and trauma releasing work.

- I am worthy of amazing, helpful, inspired, creative, gentle, compassionate, silly, and loving family & friends.

- I am worthy of a deep, meaningful, beautiful, heart centered, open and honest, non stealing, non manipulative, caring, determined love and long lasting intimate relationship.

- I am worthy of the cabin in the mountains from my dreams, with a lush beautiful garden, a fresh water creek trickling, a field of flowers to sing to the sky in, and plenty of trees & fairies to talk to.

- I am worthy of taking the time and love to set myself free, to help set others free.

- I am worthy of acupuncture; chiropractic work, naturopathic doctor appointments, massage, body work, therapy, herbs and supplements, breathwork, and all healing services and appointments I need at any time.

- I am worthy of investing more into another 300 hours of yoga training, to specialize in Yin, Restorative, Ayurveda, Trauma Informed Yoga & Creating Safe Spaces, and Pranayama to continue my own healing and hold space for others.

I am worthy of healing.
I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of my dreams.
I am worthy of divinity.
I am worthy of so much more.

Because I am alive.
Because I am on this earth.
Because I am breathing.
Because I am here and exist.