New Music Release: Learn to Swim

Inner-child work at play. Observe a scar's perfect imperfection, beauty that comes from pain, rebirth that comes from cellular death.

The first wound is the last wound to heal. I know myself through healing. I was just tryin' to make a cool piece of art but it added up to living the song I wrote. Or is the song I wrote just me living?

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White Washed History

I remember the exact moment I realized I was being miseducated by a white-centered history - I was in 7th grade, in the suburbs, in the Midwest of the US…I was in health class. We were covering topics such as depression, addiction, and suicide. Our teacher who was a well meaning white-woman, told us that Native Americans had much higher rates of depression, suicide, & overdoses. 

My hand shot up, being a feisty and naturally curious kid, I asked, “Why?” My teacher calmly responded “These are the facts, and you can do your own research”.

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