Maya Elena

“Art is a Process,
Not its Product”

A dash of folk, a sprinkle of jazz, and a splash of sass, pulling from a catalog of her imaginative original compositions, Maya Elena is paving a path of sustainable creativity…read more…




Sustainable Songwriting

Less Gatekeepers = More Freedom
Lower Overhead = Higher Income
Fewer Distractions = Additional Output

Composing a Healing Journey.
Maya is writing Herstory through lyrics, lore, & storytelling, wrapped in music, shared through a modern lens.

We have entered an era in modern technology that allows creators to self publish, and reach fans & friends outside of the music industry’s previous structures.
In 2019, I am releasing 1 song a month for a year, 12 songs by December 2019 - vs. 12 songs in 1 year as an album.

”Writing music in this way allows time & depth to fully explore each song, properly record it, dress it with other instruments, mix & master it, etc! I also get to work with new collaborators all the time and I love that! This is a sustainable process from the first lyric to the last guitar chord.”

Also on Patreon, I share the lyrics, poetry, collaborations, artist statements, blog post writings, and more - for those who appreciate depth. ”If I don’t owe you a favor, you don’t know me” - Brandi Carlile

Take what you want,
Leave what you can.


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