Maya Elena

“Art is its Process,
Not its Product”

A dash of folk, a sprinkle of jazz, and a splash of sass, pulling from a catalog of her imaginative original compositions, Maya Elena is paving her own path of sustainable artistry…read more…




Patreon IS:
Sustainable Songwriting

Mythology Speaks Through Technology

Compositions of Juxtapositions. Writing Feminine Mythology. Creating Authentic Music.
Maya is writing Herstory through lyrics of lore & storytelling, wrapped in music, shared through a modern lens. Often performing solo, she is currently working on bridging technology & trends into her timeless songs.

Why Patreon?
The music industry was built on a model of distributing physical product (CD’s, albums, tapes, etc) to listeners through a series of gatekeepers. We have entered an era in modern technology that allows creators to not only self publish, but earn a living outside of the industry and it’s previous structures.

For me, this allows a sustainable process from the first lyric or guitar riff of a song, to publishing it on my creative online portal of choice! I publish blog posts, lyrics, exclusive tracks, and pre-release new music specifically to my biggest fans. I love you so much, I wouldn’t be here without you.

”If I don’t owe you a favor, you don’t know me” - Brandi Carlile

Less Gatekeepers = More Freedom
Less Overhead = More Income
Less Distractions = More Output




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